Filing Auto Insurance Claim – Should I or Should I Not?

Even if you are the most careful driver in the world, one day you are going to have a car accident and need to file a claim. It doesn’t matter if you simply scrapped the side of your car in a parking lot or totaled it in a serious accident, dealing with an insurance claim […]

Auto Insurance Claims – Frequently Asked Questions

Filing auto insurance claims is no child’s play. However, it’s better than paying the entire maintenance cost from your pocket. One of the topmost considerations of car insurance is the coverage provided by the company at their quoted price. To know this, you should take into the account the following issues: Your deductible amount during […]

What to Do Before Your First Auto Insurance Claim

Not everyone will have to make an auto insurance claim during their lifetime, but some people will inevitably be involved in an accident, whether at their fault or another driver’s. If you are prepared you can make the process much simpler and the event much less traumatic. Here are just a few tips with some […]

Auto Insurance Claims – Some Questions That You Should Ask

Many people sign on the dotted line of their insurance application without reading the terms and conditions and when the time comes to file their auto insurance claims, they are in total confusion. What they thought was covered is not and what is covered in the policy is not what they wanted in the first […]

Looking Inside the Auto Insurance Claims Industry

It is often with groans and stress that Americans open their auto insurance bills when the imminent summons arrives in the mail. Conversely, it is with a sigh of relief that Americans contact their automobile insurance carrier in the event of an unexpected accident or fender bender. Furthermore, states have implemented mandated liability insurance in […]

How to Prevent Common Auto Insurance Claims

Most people do not want to pay more for their auto insurance than absolutely necessary. Some people obey all the laws and drive defensively to maintain lower insurance rates, or even take a safety course to make maintain auto insurance discounts. Even the most careful drivers can benefit from knowing the most common auto insurance […]

How One At-fault Accident Can Make Your Auto Insurance Rise

You can either be between 0% to 100% of being at-fault in a motor accident. Fault can be shared, and is ascribed to a driver in which the circumstances most closely depicts the accident. But in case the accident does not fit any of the scenarios, fault is judged with reference to the rules of […]

How Your Zip Code Affects Your Auto Insurance Quotes

Most insurance consumers already know the reasons why home insurance is considerably affected by zip code. However, the idea when it comes to auto insurance is relatively far behind. Knowing this essential information could help policyholders save money when buying a home and help educate them on how to save a few hundreds on car […]